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Community & Social Responsibility

Camerons is committed to its obligations in managing wider social, economic and environmental issues, and greatly values its role in meeting its obligations in these areas vis-à-vis its staff members, clients, and the local community.

Business ethics, engagement with clients on a pro bono basis, and sustainable working practices are all essential parts of the firm’s policy in relation to community, and responsible business practice.

Social responsibility

The firm has developed a clear policy in relation to diversity and equal opportunities, which prohibits any form of discrimination in taking on and dealing with clients, staff members, and those the firm may work alongside. The firm is committed to recognising and rewarding individuals in its employment on the basis of their own performance in the firm regardless of their race or background. Details of the firm’s policy in this area can be found here.

Economic responsibility

The firm encourages involvement in providing advice to certain clients on a pro bono basis and has long-standing pro bono relationships with certain important clients. Some of these clients include or have included:

  • Christian Legal Centre Ltd
  • CCFON Ltd
  • Through The Roof Charitable Trust
  • St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital
  • Global Sourcenet
  • Christian Medical Fellowship
  • SCORE Sports Chaplaincy
  • Reconnect
  • APEAL - apex trust employment advice line run by the BPP pro bono centre
  • ELTAL – general employment law telephone advice line run by the BPP pro bono centre
Environmental responsibility

Camerons is committed to ensuring that its working practices and development do not cause any unnecessary environmental damage, and takes steps to minimise its use of energy, water, paper and other precious resources.

For more information on any of the above, please contact us.

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